Gold Is Gold Cause It’s Rare

Apparently, this is a lesson I need to ponder. Cause the world keeps throwing it at me.

On this weeks podcast, we talked about someone on Reddit bashing the site for being lame BECAUSE we do online testing. And that, in his eyes,  makes us a joke.

Of course….. After I vent a little, I admit that there’s no way for that kid to know I’m NOT full of shit. Most online testing is junk. And he doesn’t “know” my character, to know I’m different. But realistically, I was still pissed.

Then this morning on facebook someone was saying how tattooed people are assholes. (in case you’ve never seen a video…. I am heavily tattooed). People were kinda being pissy with him. This was my response:

“The general state of humanity is shit. Gotta wade through a lot of mud to find gold. The gold shouldn’t be offended by being covered in the mud. That’s the only reason it’s valuable. If gold littered the road….. it’d be the new mud. It’s special because of it’s rarity. So….. to recap…… most people tattooed or not…… are shit. People who are mistaken for that shit shouldn’t be mad at the person making the mistake. You just haven’t shown through yet. When you do…. no one will mistake you. If you don’t shine through……. Maybe you ain’t so gold.”

Then it hit me….. I’m only more mellow in that response because I’ve dealt with it longer. And it seems more personal. In person…. I can “shine through” better.

I’m new to the online thing. Feels more disconnected.

And apparently…. Based on my reaction…… I’m less confident.

See anytime you have that much emotion in a response, it’s one of two things:

1- You’re righteously indignant. It is a moral outrage and you should wage war. (not usually the case)

2- You’re being insecure/weak in some way and are venting that back at them to make it go away.

When My reaction to the tattoo thing was different than my reaction to the online testing thing, it showed me my insecurity. Aha….. Learning opportunity.

Thank you douchey Reddit kid. (joke).

I gotta make this thing shine! So There’s no question.

I gotta get the same comfort with the site that I have in my own skin. That means not getting offended at the people who didn’t sift through the mud to find the gold.

This site is fucking gold.

If you can’t see it…… You aren’t looking.






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